creating a safe space

one change I have made in my life that has worked wonders in my spiritual life and journey was creating a safe space for myself. now you might be wondering – what exactly is a “safe space?” a safe space is place or environment where you can show up as your most authentic self, feeling completely safe and comfortable. no judgment, no hesitation, no anxiety. a place for you to go where you can completely let go, let your guard down, and just be.

there is no right or wrong when creating your safe space. your safe space is yours and it can be whatever you need it be. personally, I like my safe space to have music. sometimes silence is soothing to me, and other times it’s anxiety provoking. I have a playlist on my phone that I made specifically for my safe space – songs that ease my mind, relax me, and make me feel at peace.

your safe space can be as big or small as you’d like – it can be your entire home, your bedroom, or maybe just a little corner (that’s where mine is). first, think about any objects that bring you comfort – candles, pictures, trinkets, blankets, crystals, etc. now, think about any senses that bring your comfort – certain smells, visuals, sounds, tastes, sensations. maybe you’d like to cleanse the room before you bask in your safe space, and here are a couple great ways to do so;



fresh air

essential oils


palo santo


now that you have your safe space use it to for whatever your heart desires; yoga, meditation, manifesting, journaling, breathing, praying, daydreaming… the possibilities are endless. 🙏🏼✨🔮🦋💫

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