5 Morning Yoga Practices to Wake Up Your Mind & Body🌞🧘🏼‍♀️

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it calms the mind🧠 AND strengthens the body💪🏼

I have compiled a list of five of my favorite morning yoga practices for you to help clear your mind and get your body ready for the day! 🙏🏼

Set some time aside this week to take care of YOURSELF💛 It is SO important that we are still taking the time to be mindful & give our minds and bodies the attention they deserve✨

Challenge yourself to practice yoga as many times as you can this week! These yoga practices are all 20 minutes or shorter in length. Try to wake up 20 minutes earlier or skip that tv episode – if you want to practice, set aside the time to make it possible!

Check out my Yoga Tracker below to hold yourself accountable for your practice this week!

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1) Sunrise Yoga | Yoga With Adriene 🌅

Nourishing and revitalizing – Morning Yoga is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body! Here is a beautiful 15 minute Sunrise Morning Yoga practice to help you start your day! Stretch and strengthen! Bring energy to the body and rejuvenate the nervous system!

2) Morning Mantra Yoga | Tone It Up 🦋

This workout is a beautiful morning mantra yoga routine, all about setting your intentions for the day. It’ll tone and strengthen your entire body and lengthen those gorgeous muscles! As you come to your mat, create a soothing environment for yourself – set up candles, dim the lights, or maybe take your practice outside. Take a moment to turn inward and feel your heartbeat. Focus on your breath as you set your intentions for the day! Think of three words — two words for yourself and one word for someone else in your life. These words could be love, courage, compassion, creativity, vitality, energy, nourishment, acceptance, or patience.

3) Morning Yoga In Bed | Boho Beautiful 💭

This 15 minute morning in bed yoga class is perfect for beginner & experienced yogis to wake up the body and mind while setting up a perfect day to come. Through a series of gentle asanas you will stimulate blood flow through the muscles, wake up the nervous system, and find a positive grounding for the mind and body to realign. Give yourself the gift of yoga before you even roll out of bed and you will see how much easier your day will unfold before you.

4) Morning Yoga Stretch | Yoga with Kassandra 🤸🏼‍♀️

Enjoy this energy-boosting morning yoga flow which is great for beginners! This practice is great to do when you’ve just gotten out of bed. It includes some strengthening yoga poses to give you the boost of energy you need most in the early hours of the day. No props are necessary for this class, but if you have a block at home you can always grab it to make some poses more accessible! This is a full-body morning yoga stretch that will target all the aches and pains you may have accumulated during the night.

5) 20 Minute Morning Yoga Class with Ally Maz | lululemon 🍋

Rise and shine with lululemon global ambassador and founder of Girlvana, Ally Maz. This 20 minute morning yoga class is intended to ensure you start your day off on the right foot. It will ease you into your morning with some deep stretching and easy flows.


xoxo. Kenna

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